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Goodbusiness Day Finder®

Goodbusiness Day Finder ® (previously known as Euromarket Day Finder®) is a day-by-day financial calendar specifically designed for global financial markets. At a glance, quickly find holidays affecting major financial centers, day-counts and value dates relating to forward foreign exchange contracts. Goodbusiness Day Finder ® is recognized worldwide as the market standard. It is used and relied upon by the FX trading community around the world.

Goodbusiness Day Finder ®:

  • Indicates good business days at a glance
  • Adheres to 'modified following' protocol and accepted standards of international financial markets
  • Counts days and indicates holidays affecting
    major currencies and financial centers
  • Indicates bank holidays for major currencies
    and trading centers
  • Includes 30-year Swap/mid-term table
  • Provides instant value dates, day counts and
    much more
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Goodbusiness Day Finder ® also includes:

World Directory of Bank Holidays

An at-your-fingertips international directory of bank holidays affecting the world's financial markets — indexed for easy use.

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The most up-to-date online resource for verifying all holidays affecting world financial markets. Trusted by financial professionals worldwide, our site is researched from source and updated daily.

A 31-Year Swaps & Options Calendar

Features long-term day counts & indicates holidays affecting major currencies and trading centers.

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