Holiday Data Service
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In today’s unpredictable and fast-paced markets, it is essential to know when holidays will occur and what their impact will be.

With timely and accurate information, you can reduce the risk of an extra day’s interest paid, a failed trade, or unnecessary administrative expense.

Copp Clark keeps you informed

Holidays and trading hours for many exchanges are in constant flux and require continuous monitoring. Holidays are revised regularly, often on very short notice.

In-house initiatives to research, cleanse and maintain this data represent a significant business expense and come with inherent risks, particularly when conducted without sufficient expertise.

That’s why financial organizations around the world look to Copp Clark for a reliable, cost-effective solution.

While some sources only list general financial holidays, Copp Clark specifies the category that each holiday affects: currency, bank, exchange trading, exchange settlement — the details that matter.

Copp Clark is the authoritative source for holiday reference data relating to global financial markets.

Subscribing to Copp Clark’s Holiday Data Service® provides industry-standard holiday and trading hours reference data with outstanding customer support, for one low annual fee.

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