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Copp Clark delivers the most rigorously researched and widely trusted market closure data in the world. Just choose the format that makes sense for your business.

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Holiday Data Service®

Essential market closure data for every currency, exchange, and financial center in the world. Verified at source and continuously monitored.

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Subscribe to Copp Clark’s Holiday Data Service® and choose your preferred data set: Bank and Currency Holidays, Exchange Holidays, or both.

We also offer premium supplemental data services like global trading hours data, FX spot calendars, and Tplus settlement calendars.


Goodbusiness Day Finder®

Our flagship financial desk calendar is tailored for global FX and derivatives markets. It lists day counts, value dates, and all holidays affecting every currency and every major bank and financial center, worldwide.

Includes complimentary access to Goodbusiness Day Finder® Online

For added flexibility, our online tools allow you to create fully customized calendars with the data most relevant to your business needs. You’ll also get access to Trader’s Day Finder® (designed specifically for FX traders) and our digital flipbook edition for when you’re away from the office.

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Copp Clark is the global authoritative source for market holiday, early closing, and trading hours data.

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