Essential market holiday reference data for all major financial centers, exchanges and every currency worldwide.

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Copp Clark’s Holiday Data Service® is the most reliable, accurate, and up‑to‑date solution available.

We’ve set the industry standard in market holiday data. The world’s leading financial, technology, and manufacturing companies rely on us to keep their core systems updated on market holidays, trading hours and early closings. We’re proud to be the global authoritative source, and our customer service reflects that.

Reduce the risk of expensive errors.

Holidays and trading hours are in constant flux. Changes occur often, even daily.

For our clients, a failed trade isn’t a minor hassle. It can cause substantial losses or operational problems with expensive consequences. Worse, it damages your reputation with clients and partners. Relying on last month’s data or an in-house team is needlessly risky and expensive.

At Copp Clark, market holiday data is all we do. Our data is sterile and objective, because we compile it meticulously from primary sources, never third-party services. When changes occur that could impact financial transactions—and your bottom line—our team knows immediately, because we devote the resources to continuously monitoring, researching, and verifying with our sources.

With your Holiday Data Service® subscription, you receive our complete data set in your preferred format, extending up to 99 years forward. (Format options include xls, txt, csv, xml, and can be customized, or made specific to various vendors.)

Whenever we confirm a change to market holidays or trading hours, you receive an email alert and updated files shortly thereafter.

Verified at source. Continuously monitored and updated.

Copp Clark’s Holiday Data Service® subscription packages include:

  • Currency holidays (affecting FX and money market settlements)
  • Bank holidays for major financial centers (affecting retail and commercial bank branches)
  • Exchange trading holidays for global markets
  • Exchange settlement holidays for global markets
  • Historical data

We also offer premium supplemental services:

  • Trading Hours Report® (and Stocks Trading Calendar)
  • Tplus Exchange Settlement Calendar
  • FX Spot Calendar

All of our clients receive two free licenses to our reference site,

The world’s leading organizations rely on us.

When you sign on with Copp Clark, you can rest assured knowing that our data sets the industry standard.

We’ll be in touch when you need us. In fact, we’ll be in touch before you know you need us.

We provide:

  • Email alerts on changes to holiday observances
  • Automatic delivery of updated holiday data files
  • Data files updated as required and on request throughout the year
  • Customization for your unique format and security needs (additional fees may apply)
  • Enthusiastic, friendly, responsive support from our industry experts
  • 24/7 access to our quick-reference website,

Select your Holiday Data Service®
subscription package.

Option 1

Bank and Currency Holidays

  • Currency holidays (affecting FX and money market settlements)
  • Bank holidays for major financial centers (affecting retail and commercial banks)
  • Payment system holidays
  • Market holiday data for 31 years forward

Option 2

Exchange Holidays

  • Trading holidays for global exchanges
  • Settlement holidays for global exchanges
  • Market holiday data for 31 years forward

Option 3

Currency, Bank and Exchange Holidays

  • All features from both Options 1 and 2

Free bonus data (optional)

  • Longer-term market holiday data (up to 99 years forward)
  • Weekend definitions
  • Working weekends
  • Partial holidays
  • Tplus rules report
  • Time zones
  • Daylight saving time details
  • Historical data, where available

All subscription packages include two licenses to our online reference tools at

Data is delivered in xls, txt, csv or xml formats, and can be customized (additional fees apply), or made specific to various vendor applications. Contact us to request a sample.

Premium Supplemental Data Services

As a Holiday Data Service® subscriber, you can upgrade your plan to include the following industry-specific data sets, as needed.

Trading Hours Report®: provides confirmed electronic on-order-book trading hours for all major global markets.

Stocks Trading Calendar: offers two years of core trading hours for key stocks traded on major markets.

Tplus Exchange Settlement Calendar: lists valid trade dates and corresponding settlement dates for world stock exchanges.

FX Spot Calendar: provides spot and forward value days for any trade date for specified currency pairs.

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